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Jan Walsh's Website Awards

Jan Walsh was named Top 50 Tech Leaders 2019 by InterCon Internet Conference for her Local Lawyers, local legal internet directory model. 

Jan Walsh Internet Awards

Jan Walsh Local Lawyers award

As founder and developer of BirminghamDoctors.com, Jan Walsh was named Birmingham Business Journal's "Health Care Heroes - Health Care Innovator 2009". The awards honor the best and brightest in Birmingham’s dynamic medical field. These awards were created several years ago to honor the talented individuals, companies and organizations who are helping Birmingham’s health care industry become one of the nation’s leaders.

Jan Walsh - Personal PhotoJan Walsh - Personal Photo

Jan Walsh, Health Care Heroes Awards 2009

Health Care Innovator Winner

BirminghamDoctors.com celebrates its founder's award.

BirminghamRestaurants.com was awarded "The Best New Website in Birmingham" in 2009, three months after it launched. Jan Walsh is the founder and publisher. 

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