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Jan Walsh is a writer.

Before beginning a writing career of her own, Jan Walsh was an English and writing teacher and served on the Board of Judges at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

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Jan Walsh began writing about wine in 2003. Her wine writing has been featured in local, national and international publications, including Wine Spectator, The Wine Report, International Wine & Food Society's Wine Food & Friends, and more. She launched BirminghamWine.com in 2006. Walsh also holds a Level 1 distinction of The Court of Master Sommeliers.


Food goes with wine. So it was a natural for Walsh to pair food with wine in her writing. Walsh's restaurant reviews and chef cooking demos are published on BirminghamRestaurants.com.


Walsh's "Culinary Travels" and "Wine Travels" columns evolved from print to web on the Travel section of BirminghamRestaurants.com and the Touring section of BirminghamWine.com. Walsh also writes about romantic travel destinations for the Honeymoons section of BirminghamBrides.com


Walsh has profiled some of the world's largest wine collections and their collectors in Wine Spectator and other magazines, including Julian LeCraw. View Jan's Wine Spectator Author Profile. She profiled other interesting people along the way including celebrities, such as Jane Seymour. She has also written about famous chefs she met on her travels, such as Emeril Lagasse, Thomas Keller and others. And most recently, a travel story she was writing took on new twist when she  bumped into superstar chef Gordan Ramsay by happenstance, while lunching in California.

Organic Life

Walsh shares her knowledge and passion for organic living with her readers writing about Non-GMO and organic products. And she is the founder of Alabamians for GMO Labeling. Read "Behind The Seeds" in B-Metro magazine.

Animal Rights

Walsh writes feature stories on animal rights and puppy mill rescues. She is also working with other animal rights activists to strengthen the animal cruelty laws in Alabama. Read "The Rescue" in B-Metro magazine.

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